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A Revolution in Joint and Tendon Regeneration

Cell Regeneration For Injury or Arthritic Pain Relief

How PRP Works To Help Arthritic & Joint Pain

The concept of joint regeneration using PRP is to deliver your OWN stem cells to the site of injury/ degeneration. Within the PRP are homing agents (SDF 1 apha) that direct stem cells to the appropriate site. Stem cells have the capacity to differentiate to any tissue and under the influence of growth factors within the plasma can teach the body how to repair itself

The key is to only utilise optimised PRP and this involves fractionation using a high speed centrifuge. Not all PRP is the same with many systems failing to achieve the threshold for platelet concentration and white cell composition required for clinical effectiveness.

By using the SMARTPREP 2 system consistent and optimised fractionation are ensured and the delivered Stem Cell dose (using CD3+ as a marker) is 171,000.

Furthermore the system employed is a closed system ensuring maximum security and sterility. All consumables are sterile and disposable (one use only).

At Stem Cell NZ's Clinic

At the clinic you will have a one to one discussion with the doctor to ensure the procedure is understood and is likely to help your particular problems. A single sample of blood (60mls) will be taken and then centrifuged using the SMARTPREP2 system. This will yield about 5-6mls of PRP . The joint area will be sterilised and anesthetised prior to being injected. The procedure is minimally invasive. You will be asked to rest the joint (ie no strenuous exercise for 48 hours.

The clinical response will take place over the ensuing weeks. Many patients find a single treatment is adequate. Some patients required subsequent doses at 6 months.

The treatment is aimed at treating joints with evidence of joint degeneration (eg osteoarthritis) and tendon injuries (Shoulder, knees, achilles tendon, elbows etc). There has been extensive use of PRP overseas for these indications with many well known international sports persons able to continue their professional sporting careers following PRP.

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Cost of Stem Cell Treatment

The cost of the single consultation + procedure is $1595 per joint (about the cost of a dental crown) payable on the day please.

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If you'd like to read more about the process, please download this pdf.



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