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Until recently joint pain and arthritis were considered an inevitable consequence of the ageing process.

Now things are changing and there is a beginning of a biological revolution in medicine. There is the increasing awareness of acceptance of the ability and capacity of the body to repair itself. This is the dawn of REGENERATIVE MEDICINE.

Whilst we are only at the gateway to this exciting new chapter in medical technology it is a fascinating journey to be on.

Stem cell enriched PRP is at the cutting edge of a biomedical revolution; available now; available in New Zealand.

For many people with disabling joint pain this might be the answer. No traumatic and invasive surgery. No hospital stay...........a walk in walk out procedure with no significant down time.

After much consideration, we opted to use the Harvest Technology, SMART-PREP 2 fractionation system. The company has recently been purchased by Terumo one of the world's largest biotechnology companies who have obviously seen the merit and potential of the system Read more about the SMART-PREP 2 fractionation system here.

From a single 60mls of YOUR blood we can harvest Platelet Rich Plasma containing close to 180,000 stem cells, to our knowledge no other PRP system can generate this yield. This is GOLD STANDARD treatment.

Within PRP there are migration factors guiding the stem cells to the site of joint inflammation. This has advantages over mesenchymal derived stem cells (derived from fat) or bone marrow stem cells. These procedures harvest many more stem cells but there is no guidance to the site of joint/ tissue damage. Most of them just shoot in the dark.

To date millions of people world-wide have been treated with SMART-PREP 2 derived stem cell enriched PRP and for many it has changed their lives. EMBRACE TOMORROW'S TECHNOLOGY....TODAY.

Comparing PRP treatments.

Not all PRP is created equal. Some clinics use small volumes of blood (Usually 8mls) and crude fractionation techniques. This leads to poor quality PRP.

The important questions to ask are :
How much blood is drawn? (60mls for SMART Prep2)- this will determine the quantity of PRP
What is the platelet yield? (1,500,000 microlitres for SMART Prep 2)
What are the numbers of CD34+ cells - the marker for stem cells (171,571 for SMART Prep 2).

Let Stem-Cell NZ help relieve your joint pain

We take our time to listen to you and provide individual treatment that suits your needs best. We offer stem cell pain relief clinics in Wellington and Canterbury.

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We will be pleased to direct you through the process!

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